Podcast Episode 6: CESMII CEO John Dyck

Meet John Dyck, CEO of the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Institute (CESMII) and Change Agent propelling smart manufacturing to become the driving sustainable engine that delivers real-time business improvements in U.S. manufacturing. John speaks to the transformation of not just one business, but an entire industry, and emphasizes the importance of acknowledging hesitation of change in organizations. Listen Now

Episode 5: Reinhart Foodservice VP of IT Alan Murphy

Meet VP of IT Alan Murphy, the Change Agent spearheading digital transformation at Reinhart Foodservice/Performance Food Group. Alan’s thoughtful approach to leading and empowering technology development teams provides a compelling framework for successful digital transformation in agile environments across industries.Listen Now

Episode 4: Crisis Prevention Institute CIO Nickolo Villanueva

Meet CIO Nickolo Villanueva, the Change Agent boldly leading transformation at Crisis Prevention Institute, the worldwide leader in evidence-based de-escalation and crisis prevention training and dementia care services. Nickolo offers powerful insights on leading and managing change as his organization successfully shifted its business model from in person to virtual service delivery and customer engagement. Listen Now

About Our Host

Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski is the CTO at Concurrency, a professional services firm that helps organizations leverage technology to improve their businesses. He is an eleven-time Microsoft MVP, speaks regularly at national business and technology events, and is known for his bold approach and ability to drive change at organizations and the broader communities they serve.