Podcast Episode 14: J. J. Keller & Associates Director of Development Matt Bingham

On this episode of the CTO Change Agent Podcast, Concurrency CTO Nathan Lasnoski sits down with J.J. Keller’s Director of Development Matt Bingham to talk about how to develop an efficient, well-trained and compelling team to manage IT infrastructure and cloud adoption throughout an organization. Matt discusses what it takes to create a team that will be able to not only do their job effectively, but also grow with the organization and create better internal infrastructure technologically. From setting up cloud adoption best practices to the power of learning by doing, Matt and Nathan dive deep into what it means to be a Change Agent with a stellar team to back them up. Listen Now

Podcast Episode 13: Foureva Media Founder Jamar Jones

We’re back across the table with Change Agent CTO Podcast host Nathan Lasnoski and Foureva Media Founder, Speaker, and Author Jamar Jones as they talk about what it means to know and grow who sits in your circle of friends, professional peers, relationships, and more. From evaluating your circle and self-awareness, knowing when to let go of toxic relationships, to building up others to maintain a reciprocal networking impact are just a few things Jamar and Nate discuss in this insightful episode.Listen Now

Podcast Episode 12: PLS Financial Senior Director of IT Rick Hartline

On this first-ever in-person episode of the Change Agent CTO Podcast, Host and Concurrency CTO Nathan Lasnoski sits down face-to-face with PLS Financial Senior Director of IT Rick Hartline to discuss what data truly means to an organization. Rick exemplifies the true meaning of Change Agent in the midst of chaotic data management, pushing the boundaries of looking at data through a different lens and understanding how it can create opportunities and benefits company-wide. Listen Now

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Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski is the CTO at Concurrency, a professional services firm that helps organizations leverage technology to improve their businesses. He is an eleven-time Microsoft MVP, speaks regularly at national business and technology events, and is known for his bold approach and ability to drive change at organizations and the broader communities they serve.