Change Agent CTO Podcast Episode 20: Microsoft Manufacturing Digital and Application Innovation Leader Melissa Ramos

On this episode of the Change Agent CTO Podcast, Nathan sits down with Microsoft Manufacturing Digital and Application Innovation Leader Melissa Ramos to talk about what it means to drive innovation with technology in teams and organizations. Melissa talks through how her team works with manufacturing companies on how to develop a business model that will disrupt the marketplace with innovation. Sometimes, innovation isn’t the “next shiny new thing”, it can be smaller steps that enable a business to get back to the core of what they’re doing in manufacturing. From focusing on a customer’s customer to improve business strategy to understanding what a successful team looks like by being digital advisors, this episode is full of inspiring methods to drive change with technology.Listen Now

Change Agent CTO Podcast Episode 19: Rockwell Automation IT Technical Lead Amy Weber

We’re back with another episode, this time featuring “jack-of-all-trades” IT Leader of Sales & Marketing at Rockwell Automation, Amy Weber. With her rich background and go-getter attitude, Amy reflects on how her own professional journey as a female IT leader in product management has shifted her hiring strategy now, with an eye toward taking chances on the right people and looking beyond just resume qualifications. Amy’s leadership style is about authenticity, always being in learning mode and giving her team the voice they need to achieve the best outcomes. Listen Now

Podcast Episode 18: Concurrency Solutions Architect Brian Haydin

On this episode of the Change Agent CTO Podcast, Concurrency’s own Solutions Architect Brian Haydin shares stories about what it’s like to be a technology consultant working inside some of the top organizations in the US, why establishing trust with each client leads to success, and how his own intellectual curiosity fuels his passion for helping clients solve the challenges that come with change. In addition, Brian offers candid guidance on how to navigate the internal politics and resistance that often stifle change. Plus, you’ll hear Nate and Brian exchange stories from their years in the trenches- from awkward interviews to “I worked with a serial killer for six months.” You won’t want to miss this episode! Listen Now

About Our Host

Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski is the CTO at Concurrency, a professional services firm that helps organizations leverage technology to improve their businesses. He is an eleven-time Microsoft MVP, speaks regularly at national business and technology events, and is known for his bold approach and ability to drive change at organizations and the broader communities they serve.