We’re back across the table with Change Agent CTO Podcast host Nathan Lasnoski and Foureva Media Founder, Speaker, and Author Jamar Jones as they talk about what it means to know and grow who sits in your circle of friends, professional peers, relationships, and more.

Change Agents across the network have worked hard to get organizations and teams on board and ride the waves of change, but Jamar gives a thoughtful approach to turning inward and taking a glance into your everyday life to make sure you are “putting on your oxygen mask first before assisting others.”

Not a square, not a triangle, but a circle of people who challenge you, support you, and overall bring value to your life is essential to your personal growth, Jamar explains. From evaluating your circle and self-awareness, knowing when to let go of toxic relationships, to building up others to maintain a reciprocal networking impact are just a few things Jamar and Nathan discuss in this insightful episode.

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