On this first-ever in-person episode of the Change Agent CTO Podcast, Host and Concurrency CTO Nathan Lasnoski sits down face-to-face with PLS Financial Senior Director of IT Rick Hartline to discuss what data truly means to an organization. Rick exemplifies the true meaning of Change Agent in the midst of chaotic data management, pushing the boundaries of looking at data through a different lens and understanding how it can create opportunities and benefits company-wide.

PLS Financial is a multi-state financial solution company that believes in providing people with value, service and respect. PLS is committed to making life a little easier for people, by giving them helpful everyday money solutions and more. 

As Senior Director of IT, Rick embraces the ebb and flow of change, while being driven by the “nay-sayers” and “skeptics” to prove why data is important and needs to be dissected, but also digestible to viewers to understand how to increase revenue, decreases costs, and find opportunities. He is passionate about organizations’ efforts to collect, store, govern, and read data and compels others to take the resulting findings to the next level.

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