In this episode of the CTO Change Agent Podcast, Nathan sits down with Health Payment Systems President and Change Agent Terry Rowinski to discuss change agency and technology transformation in an industry known for billing and payment collection complexity.   

Health Payment Systems (HPS) is a broad independent provider with a goal to reduce the cost of healthcare administration while maintaining the highest level of provider and patient satisfaction in the industry. Its solutions offer unique benefits with hope that together HPS can make healthcare less confusing and more cost-effective for all.  

Terry talks about how marrying technologists with the healthcare billing system creates a necessary disruption in the market to help people and employers make better decisions. By “making sense of the nonsense” and improving the relationship a person has with his or her bills through a user-friendly online payment system, Terry describes what it’s like to morph a company from being simply paperless billing, to an empathetic customer advocacy environment.  

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