Change Agent CTO Podcast Episode 25: HSA Bank Senior VP & CIO Antony D’Cruz

We’re back with another episode, this time featuring Senior VP & CIO Antony D’Cruz at HSA Bank. Antony brings a rich background of over 20 years of global experience managing transformation projects and IT teams in complex environments. Antony and his team use technology and innovation to simplify the health account experience while helping clients save and spend more wisely. Antony’s leadership style highlights the importance of listening in order to empower your team, remove roadblocks and give them the tools to be successful. Listen Now

Change Agent CTO Podcast Episode 24: U.S. Venture VP of Data & Analytics Sangeeta Edwin

On this episode of the Change Agent CTO Podcast, Nathan joins the Vice President of Data & Analytics at U.S. Venture, Inc. Sangeeta Edwin to discuss her passion around data. Sangeeta and her team enjoy dabbling with data to drive value and business outcomes while steering the company culture to embrace data. Financial metrics help support how data can guide all teams of the business to optimize their operations. Sangeeta also discusses the importance of investing, mentoring and valuing your team as they have gotten her to where she is today. Listen Now

Change Agent CTO Podcast Episode 23: Molson Coors VP Maribeth Achterberg

Molson Coors Vice President of Solution Delivery Maribeth Achterberg joins us on this newest Change Agent CTO Podcast episode to talk to Nathan about the ubiquitous nature of tech in any industry, with an emphasis on the importance of solving real-life business problems in manufacturing and supply chain. As someone who started their career journey in a non-tech world, Maribeth talks through her journey and how meshing her career with technology propelled her into the role she has today and how exciting it is to be working in tech in the year 2022. From efficiency on the manufacturing floor, to the value behind data assets versus physical machinery and more, Maribeth and Nathan have a jam-packed conversation you won’t want to miss.  Listen Now

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Nathan Lasnoski is the CTO at Concurrency, a professional services firm that helps organizations leverage technology to improve their businesses. He is an eleven-time Microsoft MVP, speaks regularly at national business and technology events, and is known for his bold approach and ability to drive change at organizations and the broader communities they serve.